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We are Buzzi, an SEO agency in London. We create a buzz about you online to help you win more business. You can either use our fully managed SEO service, or we can give you the tools for DIY SEO!

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Highly optimized SEO content matters more than ever.

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What makes us different from other SEO's?

True Transparency

What we do is not magic. You can do it yourself. If you have time, then you should. But we do a few things that almost every other SEO agency does not:

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We tell you what and how.
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We can create your content.
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We all agree SEO targets.
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About Us

My SEO Frustrations

My name is Ryan. I started doing SEO as a "job" in my mid 40's. You could say I am a late bloomer. However, I spent the previous 15 years doing SEO for my own websites. The SEO industry is plagued by BS...

About Us  
Frustrated with SEO
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Our Process

A simple, three-step process to SEO strategy.

Step 1: Plan SEO Strategy
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Plan SEO Strategy

We will research, analyse and assess your website, your content, the market and your competition. The analysis data will help us decide on an SEO strategy.

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Analyse and assess
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Your business needs and competition
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Create a strategy forward
Step 2: Create Content and Links

Create Content and Link

Content is king, and user experience is everything for Google. We will create quality content that attracts readers and Google, so that we rank for more keywords.

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Create articles relevant to audience
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Optimize content using tools
Create Content and Link Building Check Mark
Build links to support content
Step 3: Assess, Adjust and Repeat

Assess, Adjust and Repeat

No two SEO projects are the same. SEO, like almost any other work, is about longevity and stamina. So, we assess our results, adjust where necessary, and repeat.

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Assess results against targets
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Discuss and adjust if necessary
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Take action to keep up momentum
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